School Staff

FSL Primary Division: Irene Dionne
FSL 5/6: Sony Moline
Kindergarten: Sonia Rankin 
                      Jessica Chisholm
                      Megan Donahue ECE
                      Maria Raia ECE

Gr. 1: Darlene VanTassel
Gr. 1/2: James Dundin 
Gr. 2/3 : Michelle Costisella
Gr. 3/4 extended: Claudia Davidson
Gr. 4,5 and 6 Immersion: Valerie Nixon
Gr. 4/6 English/Math: Maria Robinson
Grade 5 English/Math: Karen Lee Clark

Resource: Aileen Boettger

EA: Sharon Boudrealt

EA: Angela Laggis

Library Technician: Kim Statham

ESL Itinerant teacher: Liseanne McKee

Office Administrator: Barbara Ferris

Custodian: Barry Laverdure

Principal: Mark Bruce

About Our School

Principal's Message: 

This is a very special year for Holy Cross. On September 5 1967 Holy Cross opened. We hope to make our 50th year very special for our students.

General School Information: 

Our school opened in 1967 and amalgamated with St. Victor School in 1999. Holy Cross School is located in Riverside Park near Mooney's Bay. Our school provides a warm, welcoming and inclusive learning environment. Our objectives are to support students to reach their potential intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, cognitively and socially. Holy Cross School provides educational opportunities for all students and challenges each student to strive for personal growth and success. Holy Cross fully promotes Learning in the 21st Century. The staff are committed to providing rich learning tasks that promote higher order thinking, using the tools of technology (mobile devices, netbooks, smart boards) to further promote student engagement and learning.

Activities, Clubs & Teams

We offer many activities here at Holy Cross ranging from inter-school sport tournaments to user pay lunch hour programs and a variety of free clubs:

Environmental Club
Arts/Drama (Winter)
Technology Club/Maker Space
Hip Hop (Primary and Junior)
Free the Children Club

All grades from 1 to 6 have choices for their extracurricular activities.

Learning in the 21st Century

Internet 101-Technical Tips for Parents

CyberSmart-21st Century Education Skills

Media Awareness Network - Tips for Parents

Affiliated Schools

St. Patrick High School
2525 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa
PhoNe:  613-733-0501

Our Parish

Holy Cross Parish
685 Walkley Road,Ottawa
Phone:  613-731-2401